Writing Samples

Comedy album reviews for TheSpitTake.com.

Paul Morrissey – Paul Morrissey’s Back
Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman – Please Be Seated
Amy Schumer – Mostly Sex Stuff
Adam Norwest – One of a Kind
Various Artists – Comedy Juice All-Stars
Doug Benson – Smug Life
Jim Norton – Please Be Offended
Dave Williamson – Thicker Than Water
Jesse Popp – You Stink
Gary Gulman – No Can Defend

Book reviews for PsychCentral.com.

Patrick Carnes – A Gentle Path Though the Twelve Principles: Living the Values Behind the Steps
Darlene Lancer, MFT – Codependency for Dummies
Patricia Damery and Naomi Ruth Lowinsky – Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way
Jane Roper – Double Time: How I Survived—and Mostly Thrived—Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins
Mel B. and Michael Fitzpatrick – Living the Twelve Traditions in Today’s World: Principles Before Personalities
Pete Leibman – I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career
Lynn Crilly – Hope with Eating Disorders: A Self-Help Guide for Parents, Carers and Friends of Sufferers
Darcy Lockman – Brooklyn Zoo: The Education of a Psychotherapist
David Shannahoff-Khalsa – Sacred Therapies: The Kundalini Yoga Meditation Handbook for Mental Health
J.J. Keeler – I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands: The Other Side of OCD
Marsha Lucas – Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness
Jon Hanson, ed. – Ideology, Psychology, and Law
Barry McCarthy and Emily McCarthy – Sexual Awareness: Your Guide to Healthy Couple Sexuality
Deborah Putnoi – The Drawing Mind: Silence Your Inner Critic and Release Your Inner Creative Spirit
Ben Tracy & Christina Tracy Stein – Kiss That Frog!: 12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work
Larry Rosen – iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us
George Mason – Life of Death
Crystal Godfrey LaPoint – When My Mommy Cries

Interviews I conducted for Laughspin.com and AmericasComedy.com.

“Running with the Devil: A Conversation with Anthony Jeselnik
George Wallace Talks About His Storied Career, Favorite Comics”
Rachel Feinstein Defies Stereotypes on Her Way to Success”
Margaret Cho: Comedian, Activist, Truth-Teller
Lavell Crawford‘s Climb to Cosby-Status Comedy”

TV reviews for LAfamily.com

Mike & Molly: “The Wedding” S2E23
Mike & Molly: “The Rehearsal” S2E22
Mike & Molly: “Bachelor/Bachelorette” S2E21

Opinion pieces for AmericasComedy.com.

“Five Under the Radar Comedians You Should Be Listening To”
“My Top Five Comedy Albums”
“Margaret Cho’s Standup Concert Film Cho Dependent Releases on November 22nd”
“Comedy Album Errors and What We Can Learn”

The following is a piece on how to implement the principles of the film Moneyball into your life.

“How Moneyball Could Change Your Life”


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